About RainbowFish Studio

About Us

RainbowFish Studio has developed a comprehensive video based Art program for students between the ages of 4 to 14. We believe that students first need to be aware of the ‘rules’ in order to be able to depart from them. Our emphasis is as much on art theory and skill building as it is on creative and original thinking. Our early learners have more scaffolded lessons to help develop their creative confidence. As they grow we encourage them to develop their ideas and express them in words. It is very important to us at all ages to connect art with other subjects like science, culture studies, math, ecology and language. Most importantly we believe that art should be fun and accessible to all children.

We taught our first art class 6 years ago and now we teach 4000+ students in 10 of the most reputed schools in 3 cities in India. We work with the class teachers and art teachers in schools whom we mentor both in person and online. Until grade 3 we encourage class teachers to conduct our classes supported by our lesson videos. From grade 4 to 8 we require teachers who have a strong background in art to implement our program. Our teacher family including those employed by the schools would include about 75 teachers and we are always looking for ways to increase their exposure by arranging workshops visiting artists and more.

Our after school program at our studio in Chennai and our zoom classes offer our art lessons to kids in a small group setting with a lot of personal feedback.  Our studio as a kiln and we conduct sculpture, ceramic, pottery and print-making classes as well.

We remain very committed to offering quality art education whether online or offline and are always looking for like-minded people and organizations to associate and collaborate with. Please do feel free to reach out to us with any enquiries at [email protected]