Customer Reviews

Abhiram and Nandhan(9 yrs)
Parent: Shrikala Ravishankar

Feedback: My boys have been drawing, painting and colouring with the Rainbow fish Team since 2 to 3 years now. The Team at Rainbow fish is very professional, knows how to engage the kids in a right manner and their method of teaching is always positive. They correct and teach the child in the most positive way so that he/she is not discouraged. Regarding, learning the basics for art, This is THE PLACE especially for kids. The techniques, terminology and basic introduction to this form of art are excellent. Children learn so many things from drawing to using different mediums with the nomenclature. During this lock down we have enrolled in the virtual classes (most of them).My boys love these classes and don’t mind repeating them!!!

Virtual classes have taught them patience; listening skills have sharpened along with their concentration levels (each class lasts for more than an hour!!!)

The dedicated Team put in their best effort to ensure the children learn and enjoy their virtual classes. Sarah is equally dedicated and she too is online!!!

Highly recommend these classes to all .If the child is especially inclined to this form of art in the future this is the right place to begin:-)

Plz start online classes for the adults also:-)))TEAM


Maya (8 yrs) and Anika candade (6 yrs)
Parent: Anusha Mahalingam

Feedback: We live in Mumbai and have heard awesome reviews about Rainbowfish classes from family in Chennai – so when we found out about the virtual classes – we were thrilled to sign up my 2 girls – 8 and 6! The classes have far surpassed our high expectations – fun and engaging and the girls actually learned new techniques! Thank you Rainbowfish – we can’t wait to sign up for more classes!

Nikhil Iype (7 yrs)
Parent: Poornima Thayalan

Feedback: The virtual art classes at Rainbow Fish were an amazing experience for my son Nikhil (7). Daily he would look forward to the class timings and keep his kit ready.

The instructors are warm and encouraging and motivate the kids to do independent work. The structure of the class is very well organized and the teachers are well spoken and so clear in their instructions.

They didn’t even ask for any fancy art materials and still made the kids do varied artwork with their school artwork supplies!

Thank you for adapting to this new online method so easily and making art such an enjoyable activity for my child!

Harsha Koundhanya (7 yrs)
Parent: Harini

Feedback: Harsha, my seven year old boy who usually wakes up very late on holidays just jumped out of bed to be present on time for his virtual Rainbow Fish art classes! His creative side was unleashed like magic and he continues to try out the various water colour & crayon techniques he learnt during the virtual summer camp everyday!!

We are big fans of Rainbow Fish studio and a big thank you to artist Nivedha who put in so much hard work yet made the portfolio look so effortless :)

Anirudh A Dogra (5 yrs)
Parent: Sandhya Gopinath

Feedback: I signed up my 4yr old son and 7yr old niece for RainbowFish’s virtual art class and they didn’t disappoint! They had planned new activities everyday and the teacher kept the class engaged and kept to time. Both the kids would eagerly await and get themselves ready for art class! They had a blast! Thank you Rainbowfish studio!

Samvit (9 yrs) and Avighna ( 7 yrs)
Parent: Kavitha Thyagarajan

Feedback: I enrolled my children for two virtual classes and they immensely enjoyed It. The art instructors were very patient and were able to convey their instructions extremely well. They motivated and encouraged their work which spurred the children to do their best. My children don’t have much background in art other than what they have learned in school. However, the virtual classes with rainbow fish have helped them appreciate art in its various forms. Thank you Rainbowfish and all the instructors. You guys are doing a phenomenal job. It does make the lockdown bearable and gives them a medium to express themselves.

Sonali (4 yrs)
Parent: Manisha Shah

Feedback: We live in Vietnam and decided to try Rainbow Fish’s online art classes during lock down for our 4 year old. My daughter really loved the class and felt a true connection to the teacher, Amala. The best part is that she learned a lot without even realizing it –for her she was just drawing / painting and having lots of fun! Rainbow Fish is unique because they simultaneously invoke joy and creativity in the child while teaching the child fundamental art concepts / techniques. There is no fixed idea of beauty or a perfect work of art. Rather the child is exposed to different perspectives: a photograph, a portrait by Picasso or still life by Cezzane, and encouraged to use these as a base to create their own work. Because of the teacher’s guidance, at the end of every class the child produces a complete work of art. Having that completed work that she could share (via phone) with her friends / family and even school teachers filled my daughter with a lot of pride.

Rainbow Fish have adapted brilliantly to the online format and have managed to recreate the classroom atmosphere virtually. Sonali was able to ask many questions and talk to her teacher, see the teacher and other children in her class and, of course, watch the teacher draw etc on the sheet. Its actually easier to see what the teacher is drawing via camera then in a real art class. As she is only 4, for the first class someone needed to be around her but she became increasingly independent.

Sonali will definitely do many more classes at Rainbow Fish. We highly recommend this class for all children, or adults who want to explore creativity and beauty through art.

Aria Prathapneni (Age 6)
Parent details: Shalini Vasan

Feedback: My daughter Aria, 6, has been learning Art from Rainbow fish studio for a couple of years now. As a parent, I’m happy with the way the studio conducts their classes in a structured manner according to the age and skill level of each child. They teach the children about prominent contemporary and historical artists as well as various techniques involved in Art. Most importantly they make it super fun for Aria so she looks forward to every class. Their recent virtual classes have been great for the kids and surprisingly convenient for the parents too during the lockdown. A special mention must be made about the highly qualified teachers that have taught Aria the past few years. They conduct well prepared classes and keep the children fully engaged- a tough task with 6 year olds! Keep up the great work, I’m sure Aria will be a part of the Rainbow fish family for many years to come!

Deiksha Sivaraman (Age 9)
Parent: Yasodha Sivaraman

Feedback: I’m deiksha’s mom, she’s been attending RainbowFish virtual classes. She looks forward to her classes everyday.It’s informative fun and creative everyone comes with something different everyday and each student artwork is unique and the teacher coordinates with each of the students. I love there lesson plan and concepts an ideal class to invest your time and money.

Maya Sen (Age 9)
Parent: Karuna Kapoor

Feedback: My daughter is 9 and loves art of any kind. She did a full week summer camp with Rainbow Fish Studio and absolutely loved every bit of it! The lessons were super interactive and despite being held remotely, didn’t fail to completely engage her everyday. She’s very proud of all the new techniques she picked up and can’t stop showing them off to her school Art teacher. We’ll be enrolling her for these lessons again for sure.