My daughter is 9 and loves art of any kind. She did a full week summer camp with Rainbow Fish Studio and absolutely loved every bit of it! The lessons were super interactive and despite being held remotely, didn’t fail to completely engage her everyday. She’s very proud of all the new techniques she picked up and can’t stop showing them off to her school Art teacher. We’ll be enrolling her for these lessons again for sure.

Child Name: Maya Sen (Age 9)

Karuna Kapoor, London

The instructors are warm and encouraging and motivate the kids to do independent work. The structure of the class is very well organized and the teachers are well spoken and so clear in their instructions. They didn’t even ask for any fancy art materials and still made the kids do varied artwork with their school artwork supplies!

Child Name: Nikhil Iype (7 yrs)

Poornima Thayalan, Chennai

We live in Vietnam and decided to try Rainbow Fish’s online art classes during lock down for our 4 year old. My daughter really loved the class and felt a true connection to the teacher, Amala. The best part is that she learned a lot without even realizing it –for her she was just drawing / painting and having lots of fun! Rainbow Fish is unique because they simultaneously invoke joy and creativity in the child while teaching the child fundamental art concepts / techniques.

Child Name: Sonali (4 yrs)

Manisha Shah, Vietnam
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