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Art Room

  • Art supplies, quantity and suppliers

  • Worksheets for students

  • Art cart and shelving facilities


  • Demo Video

  • Lesson-specific labels and posters

  • Teacher Support


  • Mobile App

  • Portal access and reporting

  • Regular Workshops


  • Report generator

  • Multiple-choice theory test

  • Student artwork and Portfolio

What We Teach

Our art program demands engagement in the four fundamental creative practices of imagination, investigation, construction, and reflection. These fundamental creative practices are equally important for science and mathematics learning. They are cognitive processes by which students not only learn art but also transfer their knowledge, skill, and habits to other contexts and settings. These activities nurture the effective work habits of curiosity, creativity and innovation, critical thinking and problem solving, communication and collaboration – all critical skills needed for life in the 21st century. Indeed, the arts’ natural fusion of logical, analytical thought and playful unexpectedness provides students with extraordinary opportunities to exercise their creativity through the artistic processes.

Our teachers hold undergraduate and graduate degrees from some of the top art and design schools in the country and abroad including Parsons school of Design, NID, CEPT Ahmedabad, Stella Maris, Madras College of Art and others.

What Does Our Art Program In Schools Look Like?

We have developed a comprehensive curriculum – assuming about 15 lessons will be taught in a year, during 3 school terms of 12 weeks a term and one art class per week.  Each lesson has a video, work sheet, student gallery, label for the student artworks and poster for the school notice board.

Every student takes home 5 to 6 artworks at the end of each term. We also conduct a multiple choice test at the end of each term to assess how much the student can recall from the theory.  The student’s final grade is primarily from his portfolio, but also includes his grade from the multiple choice theory test as well as a behavior grade.

Our emphasis is as much on teaching technique as it is on creative and original thinking. Our lessons combine hands-on artwork, an introduction to artists and relevant theory. There is no text book or notes-taking in class. Our lessons are engaging and interesting and our students listen and remember what they learnt.

Schools, Parents and Students say…

The Rainbow Fish program has benefited my child enormously!

Not only has it helped him develop his creative side, it has enabled me to allow him this exposure.  As a parent who has two children, out of school activities are always a difficult decision.  One is forced to choose between activities of different caliber.  And if you are blessed with children of different interests then you may as well devote yourself to living in your car, driving them around.

Organizations such as Rainbow Fish have helped bring about a fresh and different approach to Non Performing/Creative Arts.  I was thrilled when Sishya adopted this initiative and am more than happy to write this recommendation for the program.   Please consider them favorably.

Dr. Priya Subramanian (Parent)

The Rainbow Fish Art Programme has been introduced in our school in the current academic year. The curriculum not only helps the students to be creative but also encourages them to appreciate the beauty and aesthetic appeal of various things they often take for granted. The symmetry in the petals of a flower, the unique architectural design of famous buildings, the colour scheme and spacing used in various advertisements…..these are just some of the things a child learns to look at anew. Even without textbooks, the students are able to grasp concepts taught in class and apply the same in application oriented questions in the examination. We take this opportunity to congratulate the team from Rainbow Fish for helping every child find the artist within.

Tamara Ann Coelho – Principal (Lady Andal, Chennai)

Perfectly combining art theory, expert teaching and insightful facilitation with the wonder and joy of finding new ways of looking, seeing, thinking and making art, a Rainbow Fish workshop is perhaps best described as a bright and brilliant rainbow of creativity itself! While they make it look all too simple, there is true genius in their ability to help each and every child discover the artist in himself/herself and produce work of an astonishing standard. Remarkably professional and well- planned, it was an absolute delight to have Sara and her team work together with our children during Young At Art, our annual art festival.

Pooja Jhaver – Chairperson(NiBS, New Delhi)

It helps Tasha explore her creative side. she is happy coming here loves her teachers – they are very encouraging and this motivates her to keep coming. Classes are very interesting. The teachers really bring out the best in her. We hope you have suitable courses in future that may help her take up art professionally. you are fabulous. Don’t Change. We look forward to coming here more. Thanks nd Good luck !!!

K. Reshuma (Parent)