Our Curriculum

First grade students are a curious and experimental lot who have big ambitions and varying levels of motor skills and listening comprehension. We guide them through projects that allow them to see art as a means of free expression. They learn to draw or paint in big sweeping motions and to take chances – most importantly to experiment till they achieve their goals.

Second grade students have a fair level of motor skills and comprehension. They are ready for their first foray into art history and learn about important artists in India and the World. They try their hand at several new mediums and start to find more confidence in their contour drawing. In the second grade, a lot of our lessons will begin from story books that the kids love.

Third grade students are open to new experiences, using new materials and have the ability to handle more complex art concepts. They tend to be anxious to please their peers and try not to do anything too different from what other students are doing. We help them develop technique while we also encourage them to be fearless with expressing their individuality through art.

Fourth grade students add advanced techniques to their portfolio- pencil shading is a lot more difficult to master than oil pastel blending, charcoal pencil allows for more subtlety than charcoal sticks and so on. The students also learn to be more introspective this year, exploring their own fears and feelings. We build on contour drawing and colour theory as well.

Fifth grade students are ready to grapple with more challenging work like figure drawing and learning how to apply perspective to art. They also do some advanced colour theory and op art. To keep things engaging, we bring in some of their favourite movies while continuing to build on their knowledge of Western and Indian artists.

Sixth grade students are now old enough to have a real opinion on art and artists and are adept at trying new media. They will experiment with techniques and new genres of art such as Surrealism and Oriental Art styles. They also learn to appreciate abstract art and grasp the subjectivity of these works.

Seventh grade students are open and receptive to new theory and media. They have developed a confidence with experimenting with new media and are introduced to acrylic paint and charcoal sticks. Two major art movements, Impressionism and Cubism, give them a strong Art History background.

Eighth grade students are trained to think independently and develop their own style and art aesthetic. They learn advanced techniques with material they have used in the previous term. We introduce them to product design and get them to think like designers, solving design problems with simple, practical solutions.

Ninth grade is the last year of our art program and our focus is on building our students’ art technique skills as well as creativity. In addition to art in this year, our students have an almost equal emphasis on design thinking and its application in various fields like product, interior and green design.