About RainbowFish Studio

Art Educators @ RainbowFish Studio

Sara Vetteth founded RainbowFish six years ago. She has a Masters degree from Parsons School of Design in New York and also taught at the school as a faculty member. She was invited to the artist-in-residence programme at the Bauhaus School in Germany. She has also authored the ‘art for kids’ series of books, working in close collaboration with major Indian artists to introduce their work to children. She believes that every child is an artist and it is as important to build creative confidence as to build artistic skill.

Amala Aiana is part of the founding team at RainbowFish Studio, and has been teaching Visual Art and Design in primary and middle schools across the country for over five years. She conducts training programs and workshops for art educators in her role as School Art Program Director at RainbowFish. In 2019, she was invited to be a speaker at the IADEA conference in Delhi, addressing the topic of Climate Action through Art Education. Amala is a graduate of Visual Communication and a passionate photographer, Kuchipudi dancer and advocate for sustainable living. She believes that art integrated learning will enhance any education system, while empowering students to create, question and empathize.

Susan George is a graduate of product design from Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts, Singapore and the UK. Through her college years she spent her Saturdays helping out at the NAFA Children’s art school which ignited her passion for teaching and has continued to spend the last four years with RainbowFish teaching and learning with children at elementary and middle schools. She was awarded an ‘Art Teacher Excellence Award’ at the IADEA conference (2018) along with her co-teacher. She believes a quiet second, a strong emotion, an unusual feeling, each moment inspires us to create.

Sandra Vincent is an illustrator and has been teaching art with RainbowFish for three years. She graduated from Stella Maris college with a Bachelors degree in Visual Arts and is currently also doing her Masters in Illustration online at Falmouth University, UK. She believes that art is all around us, waiting to be noticed in the simple everyday things. All we have to do is look a little longer and closer. She is working towards minimalism while her imagination takes up all the space.

Nivedha Leoni D’souza is a Visual Arts graduate from Stella Maris College and an art history geek!  She teaches tiny toddlers from the age of 4 to troublesome teens at different schools in the city for RainbowFish.  With prior experience as a Graphic Designer for a children’s publishing house she enjoys working with kids and making art as an interesting subject for them. She believes that art unites everybody. It is a safe space and an exciting adventure at the same time!

Deepa Shankar did her 5 year undergrad in fine arts specialising in ceramic design from Shantiniketan. She has been teaching art for two years in primary school and at RainbowFish studio. she has participated in several workshops for teaching art. Her other interests are Zumba, wall painting with different mediums.  She believes that nature is a great teacher and we look up to it to understand about life itself.

The Team that keeps the Wheels Turning @ RainbowFish Studio

Gobinath is in charge of Operations and Business development at RainbowFish. He has been in the educational field for more than 14 years, implementing technology and ensuring customer delight. He has earned a Master degree in Business Administration from Madras University. He is also a social enthusiast, teaching technology to poor/needy students and believes that technology should reach everyone.

Sheryl keeps the phones running, the emails answered and all of us organized at Rainbow Fish Studio. She had earlier worked as an analyst in a corporate organisation graduating with a B.Com degree from Women’s Christian College Chennai. She is pursuing her MBA  in Anna University. On weekends she teaches children with special needs.

Sowmeya is the latest addition to our team at RainbowFish. She worked in an audit firm before joining RainbowFish Studio as an accounts executive. A graduate of Commerce, she is also working toward getting her Chartered Accountancy certification. She is an independent singer-songwriter and blogger with a passion for music and writing.